Wrapped Up & Face Fucked

by | Jul 8, 2020 | BoyNapped

Kinky dom Sean hasn’t shot a load off for days so he’s extra horny and full to bursting. It’s a good thing he’s got cute boy Bob to play with and use when he arrives at the warehouse. The boy ready for him, kind of. He’s naked and cold, his hands tightly bound, but it’s not enough for kinky Sean. With a blindfold over his eyes and tight plastic being wrapped around him Bob is unable to move, entirely at the mercy of his devious dom and that big throbbing uncut cock in his face. Obediently Bob accepts it, not that he has much choice. The face fucking he takes while he’s slurping and sucking that drooling meat soon has Sean ready to finally satisfy his needs and spew his dom seed all over his cock sucker!