Virgin Boy Jak Gets His First Lesson – Part 3

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Behind The Scenes

Virgin boy Jak has endured so much already, with the arse spanking pleasures of part 1 and the anal exploration in part 2, but Master Kane isn’t ready to finish things with this new inexperienced boy just yet. With his head covered the naked boy is lead to the wall where his ankles and wrists are once again secured. The vulnerability makes it so intense for the lad, but being unable to see what’s happening only heightens the sensations as Master Kane starts to explore and pinch him. It’s just the start, of course, soon the pegs are out and Master is decorating his supple body with them, even on his tender balls and floppy uncut cock! It’s been a slow and painful lesson for the new boy, but we get the feeling Master Kane isn’t quite finished educating him just yet.