Virgin Boy Jak Gets His First Lesson – Part 2

by | May 29, 2020 | Behind The Scenes

It’s incredible to think this handsome lad has never done anything before and yet here he is exploring some of the kinkiest things at the hands of Master Kane. After his first cock sucking in part 1, mixed with painful arse slapping, the boy is getting a lot more in part 2. Kneeling up on the barrels the boy is roped down, his hands and legs tightly bound with his arse there for more enjoyment. Master knows how to break a virgin in, starting with a thick finger in that hole, easing in a fat dildo to stretch the virgin even more. With his cock and balls bound and roped up to the wall and the metal hook in his arse tied to his head movements he can’t do anything without delivering tugging discomfort, nevertheless the boy endures remarkably well. Master has some more fun planned for the boy in part 3. Stick around for that!