Virgin Boy Jak Gets His First Lesson – Part 1

by | May 27, 2020 | Behind The Scenes

Jak is special, and it’s not just because he’s a good-looking boy with a perfectly smooth body and a totally suckable uncut cock. He’s not just new to kinky play, he’s new to sex. He’s a virgin, he’s never done anything with a guy or a girl, but he’s ready and willing to take a dive into something big with Master Kane. Understandably, Master can’t wait to explore the boy, checking out his smooth body and his hairless hole, tying up his ankles and raising the bar to slap that hot little rump. Jak gets his first taste of cock, and he really likes it. Master feeds him his boner and the boy is hard as steel, even through the painful slaps and spanks of his arse with the paddle and cane! Master makes sure to get lots of humiliating photos of the boy before progressing to the next stage. You’re going to want to watch that, too!