Using His Twinky Boy Holes – Part 3

by | Jul 3, 2020 | Behind The Scenes

After feeding the boy his cock and fucking that hot little hole with his naked meat you’d think maybe Master Kane was done with him by now, but of course he has more planned for sweet little Avery. Freed from the swing he’s quickly restrained again, this time in a straight jacket. Unable to move he’s at the mercy of the Master as e-stim probes are attached to his floppy uncut cock and tender balls, the painful zapping jolting through him and making the boy cry out. Master clearly likes causing such discomfort, his own cock is rigid and wet as he fucks the boy’s mouth some more, making full use of his young captive. After an amazing session of e-stim torment the boy is finally left alone, once again hooded, a toy still up his arse while he wanks his thick dick and gets his splashing cum load spewing!