Using His Twinky Boy Holes – Part 1

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Behind The Scenes

It’s not often that Master Kane feels the need to fully enjoy one of his boys by stuffing his cock in their mouth and arse, but you have to admit that young Avery is worth it. The boy is going to be fully used in this trio of videos. The boy has been prepared with a cock and ball ring and a hood over his head but Master has a few things to do. He strips the boy down and wraps him up tight in plastic, making sure to take some humiliating photos for sharing later. With his twink captive quickly bound up on the pallets, arse ready and mouth positioned, master starts with some fingering. The toy stretches the boy a little more but it’s the face fucking as Master makes use of his charge that really raises the stakes. Just how far will Master go with his twink? Stick around for part two.