Used By A Chav Brit Boy – Part 3

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Behind The Scenes

Xavier has been having a lot of fun with sweet little Latino twink Galiel. In part 1 he wanked and edged that bulging cock while stuffing the boy’s tight hole with toys, in part 2 he caged the boy’s dick and fucked his hot wet mouth, now it’s time to use that snug little arse! With the boy roped down and a collar keeping him in place he gives his twink a kiss before heading around the back, spanking his rump, fingering his hole and flogging his sore cheeks. The boy can’t do anything but take it as that cock slides in, Xavier’s long and thick British cock jabbing away at his insides while his caged cock swings heavy between his legs. The fucking is relentless, but it’s perhaps a relief that Xavier is so turned on he has to cum after five minutes sliding inside the boy. Galiel gets a shower of semen all over him, then he’s left to drip dry in the chair with a hood over him. The poor boy deserves to be properly relieved of his cum, so I think we’ll be seeing him back soon enough!