Used By A Chav Brit Boy – Part 2

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Behind The Scenes

Galiel was edged so much in part one, his cock dripping and his hole stuffed with toys, but it seems Xavier isn’t going to give the boy the kind of relief he needs, at least not yet. Instead the twink is bound again on his knees, his floppy cock tightly caged in a chastity device and his mouth soon stuffed with the big wet meat of his new owner. Xavier has a gorgeous cock, it’s a delicious length of uncut meat that bulges even more with a cock ring around it. Galiel gets his mouth fucked, sucks and slurps as best he can, enduring the breaks of flogging and torment before being fed that shaft again. Will get finally get the release he needs? Stick around for part 3.