Tony Tied Up & Abused By Luke

by | May 7, 2020 | BoyNapped, KinkyThrowback

Today started out as an ordanary day for our two boys Luke and Tony. They were enjoying a nice quiet day in the park mucking about. Soon however they start to get abit bored and decide that they should go into the woods. The boys soon decide to play a kinky game of ‘tie-up the twink and peg him till he screams’ while in the woods to try and stave off the boredom. These two boys are very into each other and soon Luke has Tony all tied up and ready for some abuse. It is an attractive moment between this two boys and you can see how musch they are enjoying it and each other. Luckily noone is around to hear the screams coming from Tony as Luke abuses him, we haveno doubt that these two boys will want to do this all again and we have a feeling that next time Tony will be the oneto abuse to Luke. These two horny boys will no doubt be back to these woods again or they may even find other places to explore their kinkier sides on with each other.