Big-Dicked Boy In A Punishing Session – Part 3

After an arse-punishing toy session and an insanely hot fucking from dom lad Xavier young and hung Blake is finally getting the chance to empty his own big meat, but you know it’s not gonna be easy. Tied down to the cross the boy has to endure the pain of molten wax splashing over his naked and lean body. His impressive meat is hard in Xavier’s wanking hand and his thin neck is tight in the dom’s grip but all the discomfort isn’t enough to stop his aching tool from pumping a thick mess of fresh cum from his helmet as he’s taken over the edge. With the boy’s dick finally drained all that’s left to do is deliver a little more humiliation in the form of a piss splashing ending.


Big-Dicked Boy In A Punishing Session – Part 2

It perhaps should have been obvious that Xavier would be aiming to slide his big cock between those cheeks after spending part one of this three-part session easing open young Blake’s tight hole with some of the biggest toys. He gets back to work for a little while, fucking his new plaything with some of his favourite gadgets, but soon enough his big meat is rigid and demanding that pucker for itself. Blake doesn’t seem to be complaining, his own big meat is rigid and bouncing while Xavier fucks him from behind, ramming his arse with his big stick and pulling out to splash his hot cream over those cheeks. Although finally released from his restraints it’s apparent Xavier isn’t done with the hung lad just yet.


Big-Dicked Boy In A Punishing Session – Part 1

Hung boy Blake was welcomed appropriately by Master Kane not too long ago, but this time we have kinky dom boy Xavier taking control and making full use of the boy in a long session of hot play. The twink is prepared already, naked and in position, his feet strapped to a beam and his hands tied to the bench. His arse is up for invading and Xavier has plenty of tools to help him take control. Watch as those cheeks are parted with some of the biggest toys in the collection, his hole fucked by rubber, his big dick and full balls hanging. It’s just the start, you know there’s more to come!

Gaggin’ For It

These cock hungry twinks are just gaggin’ for it! Each and every one of them just loves to be tied up and force-fed their doms rock hard cock! Spitting and spluttering as they choke and salivate, there are no subs that are more cock focused than these 4. Watch as our doms not only force-feed them their cocks, but play, tease, wax and torture them, before blowing a hot sticky load all over their willing cock hungry victims!


Taking Control Of Twink Boy Joey – Part 2

Blond boy Joey has had an anal exploration and some hard and deep fucking from dom lad Xavier, but the pain and punishment is still just beginning. Xavier loves fucking arse, but a good cock sucking is even better. It’s not going to be as simple as that, of course, there’s more fun to be had with his captive as he ropes the twink down over the barrel, his ankles and legs secured. With his prisoner unable to flee he gets to work with the flogger, whipping and slapping the boy’s arse and back, leaving him red and sore. Please with the progress so far Xavier decides to get a cum load splashing heading up top to feed the lad his juicy dong, fucking Joey’s face and pulling out just in time to splash the boy with a big messy explosion! With warm cream dripping from his cute face and in his blond locks, Joey no doubt feels humiliated, but there’s a little more punishment and pleasure to come before he can be released.


Taking Control Of Twink Boy Joey – Part 1

It’s been a while since we last saw horny dom lad Xavier, so we wanted to make sure his return was special. Blond boy Joey is ready and waiting for him, the horny sub roped up and left hanging, his arse perfectly positioned for the kind of anal play fit lad Xavier likes to deliver. The boy starts out with a little finger action, easing his lubed digits between Joey’s warm cheeks, probing him open. It’s just a warm up of course, soon his real intent is revealed, in the shape of a big veiny dildo on the end of a stick! It’s a good start, but the fat anal beads rammed up into his hole make it more intense for the sub boy. How much can his snug hole take? He struggles to take the biggest butt plug, but the size of Xavier’s cock sliding into him is a welcome relief in comparison. With his arse stretched and fucked he might think it’s nearly over, but Xavier is just getting started!