Hung Twink Gets Well Used – Part 1

We all know it’s merely the start of the punishing session of play Master Kane has in store for cute little Jesse, but we’re already excited watching the hard butt spanking the boy experiences when he’s thrown over that knee. The young man hasn’t ever been spanked like this before, but Master knows how to make it fun, starting out over the jeans before tugging them down and thwacking the boy’s cheeks in his sexy red boxer shorts. Is the boy’s cock starting to swell? It certainly seems like it. Stick around for more, you know this boy is going to get punished severely in part 2!


Story – This Is Blake Harvey

Where does the confidence go? When does that veneer of strength and youthful adventure crumble? Blake Harvey never asked those questions; there was never a time when this tall Irish stud even considered he would be whimpering and moaning for release. He never imagined he would be trembling, shaking, his cock and balls on fire, aching for that release, that spurting and spraying salvation from his sexual torment. In truth, Blake Harvey had never met Sebastian Kane.

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His Cock & Balls Take So Much – Part 2

Young Alex hasn’t had much time to cool down after the ball stretching antics Master Kane enjoyed in part one, but we all know the comfort of his boys isn’t what’s important. With his twink captive laying back on the board and quickly secured in place with tight plastic Master reveals the twink’s cock, wasting little time, stroking and sucking the boy to full hardness. Alex can barley breathe through the thin little pipe he’s been given, sucking air through while the pleasure flows through his body. His cock is so swollen and pink, dripping precum and glistening with juice and spit while Master sucks and wanks him, his balls tight and bulging with the need to spew a good hot load. Master makes him deliver, splashing semen from his helmet in a messy climax. Thankfully it seems Master might be done for the day, leaving the boy spent, but you perhaps won’t be surprised to know he’s merely handing his captive off to another boy who wants to play in part three!


His Cock & Balls Take So Much – Part 1

Young Alex is a studious young man, he takes information well and is quick to learn, but this perhaps isn’t the kind of lesson the young twink was expecting. He’s soon standing over two piles of pallets, his arms bound and his hood removed, and although the flogger is painful enough that’s the least of his worries. As his cries ring out and his flesh turns from pink to red with the slaps of the flogger Master is merely preparing him for more discomfort. The chains soon attached to his tender balls tug and pull them, the pain of the flogger almost fading into the background as he’s made to squat with more weight being added. He’s experienced that aching pain before of course, but it was never like this. He’s relieved when it’s over, but we all know there’s more to come. Stick around for part two!


Using His Twinky Boy Holes – Part 3

After feeding the boy his cock and fucking that hot little hole with his naked meat you’d think maybe Master Kane was done with him by now, but of course he has more planned for sweet little Avery. Freed from the swing he’s quickly restrained again, this time in a straight jacket. Unable to move he’s at the mercy of the Master as e-stim probes are attached to his floppy uncut cock and tender balls, the painful zapping jolting through him and making the boy cry out. Master clearly likes causing such discomfort, his own cock is rigid and wet as he fucks the boy’s mouth some more, making full use of his young captive. After an amazing session of e-stim torment the boy is finally left alone, once again hooded, a toy still up his arse while he wanks his thick dick and gets his splashing cum load spewing!


Using His Twinky Boy Holes – Part 2

Master Kane is taking it all the way with cute little Avery, but it’s understandable. After the arse play and face fucking of part one Master moves his boy to the leather swing, making sure to rope him in tight. Master’s rock hard cock can’t hardly wait to slide between those smooth cheeks. He lubes up and eases his naked helmet in, filling the boy with his dick and fucking him raw, the swing taking over to bounce the boy on his naked inches. Blindfolded Avery endures it well, but you know Master isn’t done with the twink yet. With a toy crammed up there to keep him full he’s released from his restraints, ready for the final release in part three.


Using His Twinky Boy Holes – Part 1

It’s not often that Master Kane feels the need to fully enjoy one of his boys by stuffing his cock in their mouth and arse, but you have to admit that young Avery is worth it. The boy is going to be fully used in this trio of videos. The boy has been prepared with a cock and ball ring and a hood over his head but Master has a few things to do. He strips the boy down and wraps him up tight in plastic, making sure to take some humiliating photos for sharing later. With his twink captive quickly bound up on the pallets, arse ready and mouth positioned, master starts with some fingering. The toy stretches the boy a little more but it’s the face fucking as Master makes use of his charge that really raises the stakes. Just how far will Master go with his twink? Stick around for part two.


Story – This Is Daniel Hausser

That face. That grin that says he knows more than you think; the sly smile, the wide eyes, the look that says he is submissive and eager. An experienced boy but new to the BoyNapped world. There is always pain and always pleasure. For Daniel Hausser the fear comes from not knowing in what order they – and he – will come!

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