DVD – 3 Is Never A Crowd!

Having one sub to play with is exciting enough, but giving Sebastian & Sean TWO cute twinks to torture is like their own personal heaven! The first feature-length movie on this disc, sees Sean take command of Casper and Jesse.Ordering both of them on to his throbbing Iron Cock, making them worship his feet and putting them into a train of cock in ass until everyone blows their load!The second feature-length movie sees Sadistic Master Sebastian set Alex & Joey against each other in a multitude of sexual mind games ending in a who cumsfirst gets to punish the other race, ending with a twist!


Story – This is Casper Ellis

He is a boy with a fetish. He wants to be dominated. He knows what turns his sweet innocence into slutty submission. He has worked hard in the past few years to hone his skills and develop his body. He is a boy that likes to be locked into chastity. A teenage slut who understands his desires play secondary to those of a Master. Locked and naked, kneeling and nervous. Casper Ellis has the mind of a young man, the body of a teenager and desires that will have him whimpering once he is in the BoyNapped warehouse.

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Pounding The Twink Boys Hole – Part 3

After the anal slamming young Casper took in part 2 it’s no wonder the boy’s cock is throbbing and wet, desperate to get the cum spewing out of it. Sean has pleased his own big meat but he’s not gonna be happy until he’s got the cream from his captive. With a few rope changes Casper can be hoisted up above the chav lad, the drooling cock at the perfect height for an intense sucking and wanking. Casper can’t do anything while Sean enjoys that cock, not that he’d want it to end before be blasted his hot cream out over Sean’s chest. Finally drained of his built up cum wad the young man can relax, or at least that’s what he thinks. Sean likes making boys squirm with their hyper sensitive cock heads after they’ve splashed their juices!


Pounding The Twink Boys Hole – Part 2

We know Casper can take a lot, but he’s up against the best with Sean. The boy survived part 1 but you can be sure part 2 is going to be more intense. With his smooth twinky body tightly bound and hanging just above the old stained mattress his arse is getting plenty more attention. With the toy work done Sean can ram his fuckmeat up that hole, slamming the boy and using him properly, enjoying the tight warmth of his plaything before pulling out and wanking off a big splashing load over the boys harnessed hole. He’s not done yet, he’s soon got the new driller out, pounding away at that used and dripping hole with the powerful dildo! What is this twink gonna have to endure next? Stick around for part 3.

Pounding The Twink Boys Hole – Part 1

Sean is always ready to take control of a bottom, especially when that bottom is as gorgeous and greedy at Casper. The boy has already been harnessed and roped up, being fed the leaking inches of dom lad Sean’s meat, but there needs to be a little more rope added before Sean can really turn his attention to that arse. Once Casper is properly secured and hovering over the mattress Sean can get to work, fingering the boy’s snug hole, easing a big dildo inside him and following it up with his meaty dick. Watch him fully work that desperate pucker, even breaking out the baton to really get mean with the boy. Rest assured there’s more to come in part 2!