Sadistic Xavier Uses Galiel – Part 3

by | Oct 1, 2021 | BoyNapped

Xavier worked hard to make his slim little captive Galiel spit that spooge from his aching cock, now he’s determined to use the boy to get his own cum gushing. Galiel is strapped down over the bench and soon knows what’s expected of him. With that big drooling dong in his face the boy gobbles and sucks, his mouth fucked hard! With precum and spit dripping from Xavier’s balls he takes some time out to spank the boy’s cheeks with a leather paddle, but he’s only softening him up for his cock to slam into that pucker. He rams the boy from behind, using his arse to get his load fat and heavy before heading back to fuck that dripping mouth some more, finishing with a shower of semen all over Galiel’s adorable little face! Hooded and strapped back into the chair the boy is spent and exhausted, but how long will it be before he’s being stuffed with dick again?