Ryo Is An Experienced Boy

by | Jun 17, 2020 | BoyNapped

The Master has really found a great boy in Ryo. This blond twink has a little experience when it comes to kink, from bondage to cum control. The Master is ready to put him to the test and see just how obedient he can be. Ryo is eager to follow commands, revealing his smooth and slim body, decorated with colorful tattoos. The pegs pinching his nipples seem to get him worked up, it pleases Master. With his shaved cock revealed he gives it some strokes, but it’s the spanking of the spoon against his smooth ass and plump balls that seems to really please Master. With his mouth taped up and pegs on his nuts he’s finally allowed to cum, jacking his cock and splashing hot cream up his stomach. Master is pleased, he’ll probably be calling again soon.