Ravaging New Sub Boy Lucian – Part 1

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Behind The Scenes

Master Kane likes what he sees. As soon as he has new boy Lucian out of his shorts the boy’s cock is raging hard and dripping juice in anticipation of what the mysterious master is about to deliver. He’s going to deliver a whole lot! With the hooded boy naked and roped up by his hands Master can fully explore, starting with a taste of the boy’s dripping dong. Little Lucian tries to double over as the sucking and stroking pleasure floods his hot little body but he can’t. Even when Master brings out the flogger to slap and whip the naked boy’s cock and smooth little arse little Lucian is still desperately hard! Master takes a little break to play with the boy’s pucker and take some humiliating photos, but we know there’s a lot more in store for this hot new arrival. Stick around for part 2.