Owned By The Most Devious Of Doms – Part 2

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Behind The Scenes

Little Maxxie was crying out in part one, his hole being stretched and played with by dirty boy Ashton, but with the smooth twink hung from roped and his bare butt ready for punishment things are only gonna get worse. He can’t stop his cock from springing up, which Ashton only takes as encouragement while he flogs the boy’s bare skin and uses a paddle and the cane to spank him painfully. He really doesn’t hold back with the poor boy, using pinching pegs on his balls and spanking his cock with the cane too! Maxxie is still throbbing, though, he’s clearly kinkier than we first thought. Ashton still isn’t done with him, wait until you see what the boy gets in part three!