Luke vs Luke

by | Sep 6, 2019 | KinkyThrowback

Luke Ryan is a straight 18-year-old construction worker who came to us in urgent need of fast cash. With our resident dom Sebastian Kane unavailable to abuse one of our submissives. Luke Desmond steps in and proceeds to take the young man in and has him hung from the ceiling in minutes. Once tied up and helpless Luke Ryan realizes that he is in a vulnerable situation. Luke Desmond is quick to take advantage of lashing the boy and demanding that he begs for more which Luke does with abandon. Finally, after all of the abuse to his body, our dom unzips his trousers and pulls out his massive nine-inch dick and proceeds to fuck the helpless tied up boy as he shouts and moans with pain. Luke Ryan only came for some quick cash but left us bruised and wanting more of the hot nine-inch cock that had used him so well. This young man will be sore for a while but we are sure that he will be back for more from one of our many doms soon.