Luke Suspended & Flogged

by | May 28, 2020 | BoyNapped, KinkyThrowback

Poor young hot and sexy Luke Desmond finds himself suspended and stretched out as our resident Dom Sebastian takes him to the very edge with a painful, sustained flogging. You can hear Luke crying out for more and can watch as his stretched body takes lash, after lash. Not content to punish this innocent teen with painful strokes over his stomach, chest and ass. Sebastian demands that Luke become erect before he isabised some more by our Dom. Sebastian keeps on flogging and tickling Luke all the while demanding that the young man stay erect and that if Sebastian sees the cock going down then our poor boy is in for more pain. Eventually though our Dom is merciful and wanks off Luke until he releases himself all over the face of our Dom which natraully get him a few more smacks with the flog before Sebastian tells the boy that although he was allowed to cum he is to remain tied up for cumming on Sebastians face our dom is satisfied that Luke has learn his lesson.