Jesse’s Pinwheel Nightmare

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Behind The Scenes

Master Xavier has something special in mind for gorgeous little Jesse. He thinks he has hot feet and he wants to make use of them, the boy probably isn’t gonna like it. Thankfully he has no choice in the matter while he’s roped in place with his legs up, his bare pink soles being painfully pricked by the rolling pinwheels before sadistic little Xavier starts splashing him with the hot molten wax. The boy can writhe and complain all he likes, young Master Xavier is gonna have his fun. Stay tuned for part 2!

Dom boy Xavier had so much fun playing with Jesse’s gorgeous feet he can’t help but get his big cock out for some sucking. The boy is positioned on the bench, legs up and head back, the perfect pose for some mouth fucking. Jesse is obedient, sucking the big leaking cock invading his mouth, but maybe it’s because the molten wax splashing over his naked body is a good motivator. He serves his kinky master well, slurping and gulping the big cock through the pain until Master Xavier is jerking out his heavy cream all over his sub boy. There’s more for the messy twink to endure in part 3, so stick around for his gooey finish!

It’s finally the end stretch for hot little sub boy Jesse. He’s had his bare feet played with and his mouth fucked, hot wax poured over him and a cum load splashed in his face, now it’s time for Master Xavier to drain the cream from his dick. He starts out with the straight jacket, securing the boy tight and roping his feed down. With the boy’s cock hard he torments him with the pinwheel, wanking his meat while the prickling pain spreads through his balls. The vibrating stroker applied to his throbbing meat is ultimately too much, his cock getting longer and thicker, throbbing up to be super hard before streams of thick cum splash out of his bulging boner to make a mess all over the straight jacket! Finally Master is done with him, but for how long?