Jack Demands That Dick & Arse

by | Apr 16, 2020 | BoyNapped, KinkyThrowback

When a handsome and horny boy like Jack Green wants an arse to fuck you have no choice but to give it to him however you can. Not that Tyler really complained about giving up his hole once he got to see Jack and his erect dick and sexy body. It did not take long to get Tyler naked and bent over ta peice of our scaffolding tied in place and ready for Jack to use and abuse as he sees fit. Jack arrives on the scene completley naked this time which causes our boung young Tyler to get hard himself once he sees how happy Jack is to see him. Jack proceeds to abuse this poor boy with some flogging and cock torture before he decides to stick his hard dick up Tyler’s tight hole. After using Tyler’s hole for a very long while and causing lots of sweat and precum to come out of the young man, Jack wanks out his load over the boy’s arse. Jack then procceds to do the only thing a dick lover like Jack can do in this situation. He starts to suck and stroke Tyler’s big cock until the young man is cumming all over Jack and the floor of the warehouse. Both of the boys now spent and coming down from this incredible scene kiss passionatley before Jack walks away from Tyler completely nude leaving the poor boy bound to the scaffolding. Tyler and Jack will no doubt be back again to be abused or to be the abuser and we can not wait to see what their dirty minds have in store for whoever the poor person that will be at their mercy.