Hung Boy At The Mercy Of Sean – Part 1

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Uncategorized

Young twink boy Jake is at the mercy of a real master when Sean arrives to start playing with the bid-dicked lad. He’s freed from his seat where he’s been waiting an agonizingly long time to have some fun, his huge uncut cock already swelling the moment Sean ropes his hands together and raises him up by the winch, not all the way, just enough to be able to suck master’s drooling cock while Sean splashes the boy with hot molten wax and plays with his throbbing meat. Jake is betrayed by his big dick, throbbing up and dripping pre while he takes a flogging and obediently suckles on master’s meat. There’s more for the boy in part 2, but will his cock get the satisfaction it needs?