His Well-Used Hole Is Wet – Part 2

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Behind The Scenes

Sean started fucking that hot little hole in part 1 of this awesome encounter, but you know he really loves to totally use a boy’s arse so you won’t be surprised to see that young Alex is really gonna get it in part 2. With his dick raging he’s making the most of that warm tunnel, pumping his swollen fuckstick in and out, raw of course, only taking breaks to grab one of the candles and pouring the hot molten wax over the boy’s back. Alex can cry out all he likes, no one is going to come and save him from the humiliation. We all want to use the boy just like Sean is, pulling his wet cock out to piss all over the boy’s pucker, ramming his drenched dick right back inside again. He pauses to give the boy a taste of the mess, making Alex suck his drooling meat, before heading back with more wax and a cum load ready to splash all over the boy’s aching arse. You know it’s not over for Alex yet. With cum and piss all over his rump he’s made to take a seat for the final onslaught in part 3.