His Well-Used Hole Is Wet – Part 1

by | Oct 2, 2020 | Behind The Scenes

Alex isn’t ready for what’s coming, but the naked twink doesn’t have much choice. He’s been prepared, stripped naked and roped into a standing position, bent over with a bar above and a rope around his neck, his arse right there to be used and taken. Of course chav lad Sean is gonna make the most of it, fingering his hole, eating him out and stuffing big toys into his pucker. All of that is just prep for what the big-dicked dom really wants, which is to use the boy to get himself off. With his big uncut meat hard and wet he jabs it into the boy’s hole, filling him with his cock and fucking him hard and deep. He could cum at any moment, but you know he’s in this for the long haul. With his meat slick and slippery he heads north to feed the boy his throbbing tool, giving Alex a taste of that cock and his own arse. Stick around for part 2, it’s about to get even hotter!