Caught Out In Gym Class

by | Sep 10, 2020 | BoyNapped, KinkyThrowback

Jacob Daniel has been playing a naughty game when he is seen passing notes in class and fsoon he is being caught in gym class by Dan Jenkins the gym teachers P.A. Jacob is soon being punished after class by this hot stud of a P.A, Jacob is made to count as Dan brutally spanks his arse before he changing the position and starts doing it over again. Jacob soon gets Dan’s big cock shoved down his throat and getting his tight boy hole tease by Dan’s expert fingers before he is laid down on the floor and shown by Dan what a real facial is when Dan unleases his hot load all over Jacob. We do hope this young boy has learn his leasson but if he has not then we are sure that Dan or one of the other members of the school staff will be happy to teach him a lesson in how to behave properly.