Aiden Being Thoroughly Used

It’s amazing how dirty some of the sweetest boys can become when they have someone sucking their cock, fucking their arse or feeding them their juicy tool. Young Aiden was once so innocent, but he soon discovered the delights of being under the control of experienced boys and men who love nothing more than tormenting and using a bottom for their own pleasures. Watch some of his best moments, with lots of sucking, fucking, toy play, pissing and thoroughly kinky action!

Kai Has Been A Naughty Boy

Sexy young Kai has been a bad boy by servicing other young boys behing the gym and in the public toilets and unfortunatley for him he has been caught by Sebastian who loves to punish bad boys like him. He is soon stripped from the waist down and his tight little ass is soon spanked red raw. Kai’s cock is too tempting for Sebastian to not play with and before he knows it Kai is getting the hot cum wanked from his cock by Sebastian as well. By the end of this sesson with the headmaster Kai will certainly be feeling sore, drained and unable to sit down properly for a few days. We hope that he has learned his leasson but if not we are sure that Sebastian or one of the other members of staff will be more that happy to show him what it means to be disciplined by using their various toys,tools adncocks to show him how it is done in this school.


Caught Out In Gym Class

Jacob Daniel has been playing a naughty game when he is seen passing notes in class and fsoon he is being caught in gym class by Dan Jenkins the gym teachers P.A. Jacob is soon being punished after class by this hot stud of a P.A, Jacob is made to count as Dan brutally spanks his arse before he changing the position and starts doing it over again. Jacob soon gets Dan’s big cock shoved down his throat and getting his tight boy hole tease by Dan’s expert fingers before he is laid down on the floor and shown by Dan what a real facial is when Dan unleases his hot load all over Jacob. We do hope this young boy has learn his leasson but if he has not then we are sure that Dan or one of the other members of the school staff will be happy to teach him a lesson in how to behave properly.


Painful Wax Play For Master

Master knows what he likes, and from the moment he saw Ryo on cam for the first time he knew he could have a lot of fun with this boy. Things are getting a little more painful this time, with the sexy blond lighting candles ready for some painful play. Watch as Ryo works hard to please his master, stroking his hard young uncut cock and pouring the molten wax over his naked body, even over his tender dick! By the time his cum is gushing he’s certain he’s pleased master, no doubt he’ll be calling again.


Aiden Jason Abused & Used

Poor young twink Aiden Jason though he is able to deal with one Boynapped dom this time he has to deal with two Doms. Ashton Bradley and Adam Watson are two Doms that both like twinks and they like to humiliate them so they waste no time in tying Adien up, putting him into a kid pool and proceeding to cover him in ther piss. Once he is covered in piss and has had some beer in his mouth, both of them are soon used and abused with cocks and toys by these two sexy Doms. The young lad tries to fight back however Ashton and Adam will have none of that and it soon gets him in even more trouble as these two Doms proceed to facefuck his mouth and fuck his hole until they both shoot their cum all over his face and because of him trying to escape from them the two Doms decide to leave him tied up in the kid pool surrounded by piss, beer and their cum. Aiden is one twink that does like to be abused and has been abused by many of our doms but this time it looks like he has not got out of this encounter unscathed. We are sure that ether the two Doms will be back to do more to this young man or one of our other doms will come to help him out of the pool for a price and we can not wait to catch it all for you to watch.


Down On His Knees & Exposed

Strapped down on our warehouse floor and waiting in anticipation Troy Henley gets some hot wax treatment from the ruthless Chav Dom Leo Foxx. Leo spares no mercy while pouring the hot and sticky substance all over the begging twinks body in his bound possition on the floor. Somehow Leo resists the urge to slam his cock into the exposed twinks fuck hole! Cum soon replaces hot wax when Leo finally need to wank out some jizz dumping his load over the boys back. Leo leaves Troy bound to the floor covered in wax and cum ready for whatever happens next. We are sure that Leo will be back again to use and abuse more boys for us to catch on camera and we can not wait to see what his filthy mind comes up with.


A Wild Time With Molten Wax

Our boys enjoy inflicting all kinds of punishment and pleasure on each other, but molten wax provides some of the best play. Watch our new selection of some of the most intense and impressive wax play sessions, starring the most gorgeous and horniest of stars over the years as they enjoy some incredible sessions of torment with their captives. Listen to the boys cry out in agony as the hot liquid splashes them, from neck to taint, making them writhe in their restraints.


Strapping Hot Boy Luke!

Young Luke Desmond’s ripped naked body is strapped down to a massage table ready to be used and abused by our resident Dom Sebastian Kane. Sebastian soon has Luke’s massive tool fully erect. He proceeds to massage Luke and teasing his cock. Luke is blindfolded during this encounter with Sebastian and he has no idea who it is that is working his body and cock. Soon Sebastian has Luke on the edge of releasing his load but Sebastian is not nearly done playing with this bound young man and his tied up body. We do get to see Sebastian wrking Luke’s massive cock to completion all over his tied up toned body before leaving him tied down to the massage table ready to be used again and again by Sebastian or one of our other Doms.


Tied Up & Fed A Hot Load

This poor young twink finds himelf roped up in a public bathroom. Maxi Gerard is about to be made into Sebastian Kane’s bitch boy. Sebastian starts by jerking off Maxi’s thick cock and then he goes in for a nibble on his nipples and cock. Sebastian soon has the boy blindfolded while he works on Maxi’s body and cock until Sebastian can not take any more and decided to make the young twink take all of his cum on his face and in his mouth, however Sebastian is not a selfish man and he soon makes the young man explode his load all over the toilet floor. maxi is then left by Sebastian still tied up and ready for who may come in to the public toilets and see this young man in the hopes that they may get some use out of him before Sebastian comes back to collect him at the end of the night.


Adonis Trapped & Sucked Off

Muscle bound adonis Jake Kelvin is back and sexier then ever. Tied by his hands with his arms in the air is Herculean body oozes pure sex as Luke Desmond rubs massage oils into him. Luke starts working Jake’s pecs and down over is deadened abdomen before taking advantage of his more the amble uncut dick. Luke lacks and sucks Jake’s cock before sliding his own cock in-between Jakes pert ass cheeks and inside is tight hole before shooting all over his face.


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