Cute Twink Services Mystery Dick

Aiden Jason is one of our favorite twink bottom sluts that we like to see get into all sorts of mischeif. This time we have managed to follow him down to a local gloryhole where we are not surprised to find the young man down on his knees waiting to service a strangers hard dick. We soon see the hard dick come through the gloryhole and Aiden wastes no time in getting to work on the cock that is presented to him. This young man certainly knows how to work a cock and it shows in his dedication to the cock in his hands. He soon has the stangers cock spurting out heavy amounts of precum and uses it to lube up the cock before he jack off the cock to completion all over his chest. We see Aiden rub a bit of the cum in on he chest before he gets redressed and leave this wonderful gloryhole. I guess if he had stayed a bit longer or paid a bit mor attention then he would have realised that he had just worshipped his teachers huge dick. This teacher will no doubt be keeping Aiden after school to give him more lessions. We hope that Aiden is ready for what we imagen is going to be the ride of his lifetime.

Wrapped Up & Face Fucked

Kinky dom Sean hasn’t shot a load off for days so he’s extra horny and full to bursting. It’s a good thing he’s got cute boy Bob to play with and use when he arrives at the warehouse. The boy ready for him, kind of. He’s naked and cold, his hands tightly bound, but it’s not enough for kinky Sean. With a blindfold over his eyes and tight plastic being wrapped around him Bob is unable to move, entirely at the mercy of his devious dom and that big throbbing uncut cock in his face. Obediently Bob accepts it, not that he has much choice. The face fucking he takes while he’s slurping and sucking that drooling meat soon has Sean ready to finally satisfy his needs and spew his dom seed all over his cock sucker!


Fed A Load Through The Gloryhole

Cute blond twink Ashton is known to visit various gloryholes throughout the day and we manage to find him in one of his favorate haunts. This young man is soon on his knees and is soon given a tasty faceful of a hard anonymous cock through the gloryhole. His hungry mouth is eager for all that hot and hard dick as an anonymous buddy slides his shaft through and lets the boy feast on his boner the mysterious person behind the gloryhole fucks Ashtons mouth hard and proceeds to give this horny boy a hot splashing of cum and a tasty treat to suck clean. Ashton then proceeds to clean himself off and pick himself up and leaves the gloryhole never realising that the person who he just sucked off to completion was his new older stepbrother. We have no doubt that these two boys will be back to the gloryhole or they may even have some fun together in their own rooms. We will just have to wait and see if we can catch these horny boys doing what they do best…


Packed With Painful Flogging

Does anything beat the sound of a boy crying out as the strings of a flogger slap against their skin? We know what you want to see and hear, which is why we’ve gathered together some of the most deviously punishing slaps and thwacks of the flogger for you to enjoy in this awesome compilation. Watch as some of the horniest and meanest boys join Master Kane in his delivery of delicious punishment, dealing out the painful whips against others under their control. With cocks swinging, holes aching, cum building and sadistic delight growing by the moment you’ll be wanting to pick up your own flogger and start taking control!


Brad’s Public Toilet Fun

Young pale skinny and pierced cutie Brad Holt works a strangers big fat uncut cock through a gloryhole. This dirty young boy must have been mighty hungry and in need of some hard cock and cum because he really goes to town on the hard dick that has been offered to him through the gloryhole. Brad soon has his own clothes off and wanking his own dick while worshiping the massive meat in front of him. This young man soon has himself and the cock in the hole on the brink of orgasim. The cum that shoots out of both cocks splatters all over Brand and some even dripples onto the floor. Brad is soon redressed and leaving the gloryhole never aware that behind the gloryhole was his exboyfriend who had seen him come in and had decided to get a bit of revenge for all the time he had caught Brad coming to this particular gloryhole. We are sure that there will be more from Brad and that there will be more explosive cum loads in his future.


Pounding The Twink Boys Hole – Part 3

After the anal slamming young Casper took in part 2 it’s no wonder the boy’s cock is throbbing and wet, desperate to get the cum spewing out of it. Sean has pleased his own big meat but he’s not gonna be happy until he’s got the cream from his captive. With a few rope changes Casper can be hoisted up above the chav lad, the drooling cock at the perfect height for an intense sucking and wanking. Casper can’t do anything while Sean enjoys that cock, not that he’d want it to end before be blasted his hot cream out over Sean’s chest. Finally drained of his built up cum wad the young man can relax, or at least that’s what he thinks. Sean likes making boys squirm with their hyper sensitive cock heads after they’ve splashed their juices!


MacKenzie & the Gloryhole

MacKenzie Walker is here to show us all his skills with oral sex and his love of gloryholes. Watch him work a strangers big dick through a hole while showing off his smooth and ripped body in a pair of skimpy white briefs. This boy is as skilled as he is sexy and delivers and awesome cock sucking to the anonymous cock donor. This young man really knows his stuff when it comes servicing a dick. This young man is one sexy boy and he defenetly has a flair for servicing men and they need as well as his own needs. We are sure that he will be back to the gloryholes again sometime soon to service another hard dick and releave it of it’s cum.


Ryo Is An Experienced Boy

The Master has really found a great boy in Ryo. This blond twink has a little experience when it comes to kink, from bondage to cum control. The Master is ready to put him to the test and see just how obedient he can be. Ryo is eager to follow commands, revealing his smooth and slim body, decorated with colorful tattoos. The pegs pinching his nipples seem to get him worked up, it pleases Master. With his shaved cock revealed he gives it some strokes, but it’s the spanking of the spoon against his smooth ass and plump balls that seems to really please Master. With his mouth taped up and pegs on his nuts he’s finally allowed to cum, jacking his cock and splashing hot cream up his stomach. Master is pleased, he’ll probably be calling again soon.


McKenzie Cross sucks a massive cock

Handsome and slim McKenzie Cross is obsessed with cokc in whatever form he can get it. This young man loves to suck any size of cock and make it pump out a hot load of cum just for him. He loves to have his mouth full of a mans hard dick and he loves to get cock down at a local cruising areas gloryhole. Today is no different as he is in a local haunt of his which he usually finds a man or two to sattify his need for cock, The stranger that he finds behind the gloryhole today however definitely has a lot more cock then he has had in a while to feed Mckenzie and he appetite. Mckenzie is so horny sucking and stroking the strangers huge uncut cock that he can not help getting his own cock out and stroking it. The young man soon has himself and the stranger on the edge of cumming. When Mckenzie sees that the stranger is close he proceed to make the man cum all over his chest before he shots his own load onto the stangers cock before he heads off to find another cruising area for more dick. We are sure that we will soon see more of this horny young mas adventures with the gloryholes.


Kieron Gets Drained Of Cum

Kieron Knight takes a real hard whipping/flogging from Boynapped resident Dom Sebastian Kane. Hung from the ceilingby Sebastian Kieron stupidly refuses to submit and recieves more lashes from our dom before he finally giving in to this abuse form Sebastian. Sebastian soon straps Kieron down before stimulating the boy’s entire body including his growing cock with pain and pleasure. Sebastian keeps this up until the young man cums all over himself and Sebastians hand. This in our opinion is one hot and sexy scene and we have no doubt that Kieron will be back again to be abused or even to be the one abusing someone else.


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