Blond Boy Galiel Educated – Part 1

by | Sep 23, 2020 | Behind The Scenes

Galiel is a tall drink of handsome Twink all the way from Paraguay who is eager to please his captors! First up we see him with Master Kane himself, and, although this floppy-haired, toned Twink with come fuck me eyes comes across all shy and coy, it’s not fooling Sebastian who introduces Galiel with a gust of excitement. There’s no such thing as fucking around when Master Kane has a new boy to play with, it doesn’t take him long to have Galiel stripped naked and strapped onto the fuck bench. Now, this is where the real fun starts! His almost virgin hole gets stretched out with a monster of an anal hook, connecting it right up to his head, making him squirm with pleasure and pain every time he moves. You can see on this horny twinks face that his predicament is a tough one. Let it hurt or feel it rubbing against his g-spot!