Bendy Boy Alex Is So Compliant – Part 2

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Behind The Scenes

Obedient boy Alex is going to regret being so complaint once he’s roped down onto the pallets, so naked and vulnerable. Master Kane has a use for all the burning candles, of course. Alex cries out while the molten wax hits his tender flesh, the pain searing through him as the liquid splashes over him. Master likes to mix the pain with some good torment, tickling the boy and making him giggle, but with a blindfold over his face he’s soon crying out again as more painful wax pours over his floppy uncut cock and his tender little balls. Left to cool off in the chair, picking the crusty results of his torment from his dick, the boy knows it’s not over yet. Stick around for part three!