An introduction to Sebastian Kane

Sebastian made his first appearance on a DVD that was released in early 2007 along with Submissive actors Matthew Archer, Luckas Layton and Bailey Onice. At the time, BoyNapped was no more than a “talked about idea”, and one that he wanted passionately to bring to life but cash was tight he tells me, and he understood that he needed more than passion to bring BoyNapped to life.

By the early Spring of 2008 filming had started and the site signed up its first members in September, many of which have remained as members to this day which he sights as one of the most significant achievements.

Over the years, Sebastian has had the privilege of filming with some incredibly sexy boys, had the advantage of a really talented crew and the support of one of the worlds best affiliate management companies. All of these people have played their part in making BoyNapped the massive success that we see today, one of only a small number of gay multi-award winning websites.

Over the years, BoyNapped has discovered names such as Kenzie Maddison, Luke Desmond, Aaron Aurora and Mylo Jordan, all of them and many others started their impressive careers with BoyNapped. Today, they have the likes of exclusives Alex Faux, Alex Knight, Jacob Daniels and Avery Monroe as well as brilliant and very sexy boys like Johnny Polak, Daniel Hausser, Jesse Evans and Taylor Mason to name only a few. All of these handsome, cute, submissive boys have gone through Sebastian’s hands and never fail to pleasure their BoyNapped Masters and the many members that they serve with endless creativity and enthusiasm.

“This blog is one more step towards opening the doors to our members and fans so they can get closer to the masters, the boys and to what happens behind the scene,” Sebastian says. “It’s a place for the crew, the doms and for some of the boys to offer their insight into their connection they have to BoyNapped so that others can see behind the movies” he continued.

It’s clear from meeting Sebastian that his passion for all things kinky is palpable and inspires those around him to push their own limits and to create the kind of supportive environment that can only be described as one of a close family, “on and off” the film set.


Steven Gets Drained By Kieron

Steven Prior is a very hung young man who came to us with his boyfriend Kerion Knight, these two boys together are a very cute and sexy couple. Kerion takes his lover to our studio and proceeds to tie him down to one of our benches completely naked, he then proceed to start worshiping the huge dick that is laid before him as if it was an ice cream going to melt. Kerion then strips himself down to just a red jockstrap and after poring some wax onto the body of his bound lover he proceeds to sit on the huge dick and ride it for all he is worth making both boys moaning loudly. Steven is clearly enjoying the fact that Kerion is riding him like a possessed man in heat. Kerion manages to make himself cum all over his lovers body just from the fucking he is giving himself and finished up by making Steven also cum over his own body before these two boys proceed to kiss each other with vigure. Steven is soon told by his lover that unfortunately Kerion has to go off to work and so is going to leave him all tied up covered in wax and cum until he finishes work and come back to ether collect him or comes to us his huge cock and ass. We can not wait to see what else Kerion has in mind for his huge dicked lover.

Total Kinky Cock Play – Part 2

After the ball punishing session I experienced in part 1 I should have known that getting the sweet sensation of cumming isn’t going to be a simple task nor will I get it that easily. Naked, tender & slightly aroused I was moved to the cross, laying back on it and having my legs and body tightly bound to the uncomfortable wood with plastic. The pinwheels Master Kane likes to use was a slight relief from the ball kicking pain I had just experienced, but it’s probably not that making my long, hard cock throb. Master has a new toy, a vibrating cock head pleaser, slipped over my pulsing bell end and sending incredible tingles through my dick. With the pleasure combining with the pain of the pinwheels it’s no wonder I felt like I just needed to erupt such a big cum load! Master takes the toy off just in time to see semen splashing from my throbbing boner, making a hot and gooey mess all over. It’s a rewarding finish, but surely I deserved it after enduring so much torment?


Total Kinky Cock Play – Part 1

Already blindfolded, but looking forward to a painful lesson in domination from a particularly aggressive Master Kane in this cock-centric experience. After being inspected, as you might expect, Master Kane likes what he sees. My smooth young body and nice cock, not forgetting my nice arse too had him excited I could tell, but for the time being it’s going to be about my balls. With my arms roped up behind my back I found myself in a painful stress position, but when Master Kane starts on my balls the discomfort starts to grow. With spanks and kicks Master makes use of this boy, entertaining himself while asserting his dominance. He then removed my blindfold and replaced it with a puppy mask and he gets to work with some tight rope, tugging my already tender nuts upward, taping my cock out of the way so he can deliver the flogger right to his target. I didn’t know what to do, but there’s nothing I could do, Master Kane is in charge!


Cute Casper Gets Anally Used – Part 3

Casper has been through it. He’s had his snug little hole stuffed and stretched, lowered down onto various thick and long toys, his body played with and spanked, the pinwheel rolling all over his most sensitive parts. Now, with his pucker open and his balls heavy with cream Ashton takes the boy into an intense fisting session! Hanging above with his hole aching for more Casper moans as Ashton starts with his fingers, but soon slides his whole hand into the boy! The twink is soon a puppet, on strings, being punched from below as Ashton fist-fucks his aching hole. With a little rubbing of his uncut cock his boner is soon throbbing, his helmet red and wet while Ashton wanks him and makes him cum, collecting the warm juices to fist up into the boy’s arse! With his load left inside his guts Casper endures a final flogging before Ashton calls it a day, but this probably won’t be the last time that arse is so well used now that Ashton knows how much the boy can take.

All wrapped up, literally and figuratively after another awesome Shoot!

Cute Casper Gets Anally Used – Part 2

After the big toys Casper was made to slide his arse down on in part 1 his hole is most definitely aching, but you know devious dom boy Ashton is nowhere near done yet. The tight little pucker is once again dropped down onto a thick and long fake cock, his own weight making him take it deep inside him before the platform is moved to give him something to stand on. He needs more, fucking himself with the toy while Ashton uses the flogger to encourage him. The boy is moved to another incredibly fat toy, his hole stretching around it while Ashton returns again with the cane and pinwheel! It’s remarkable how much torment this hot young man can take, but there’s more to come before he can. Stay tuned to see what happens next in the conclusion to Casper’s time with Ashton.


Cute Casper Gets Anally Used – Part 1

I think we all know that the hot, young Casper loves some good anal play, but he’s never experienced a session like this! The boy has been prepared for horny Ashton Bradley, a young man who knows a thing or two about taking control of a boys hole. Hanging naked by ropes from the rafters, he’s soon being toyed with, his arse lowered down on a big fat dildo, his bare feet caned and prickled with the pinwheel. With his full weight pushing his pucker down on the next long and thick toy he can’t do anything but comply, but with a little platform to rest some weight on it becomes clear that he wants it, he starts fucking himself with the toy while Ashton plays with his cock and balls. The fun is still just beginning, stick around for part two!


Leo Gets Double Teamed!

The ever submissive Leo James is back and bound to a pole and he is soon fed beer by Ashton Bradley and Mark Henley. This young man is soon having his mouth used by Ashton as he is being wanked off by him at the same time. Meanwhile Mark is working up his dick ready to release a huge load of piss to feed Leo. The two doms proceed to keep feeding Leo their cocks, beer and their own piss and it is not long before Leo is pissing all over himself. The two vindictive doms work Leos cock and their own cocks hard and they make sure to make Leo cum all over himself before they cum all over his face humiliating him even more. They then decide to leave him tied to the pole for anyone else to use as they see fit. Leo is one used and abused young man but we can tell that he enjoyed every moment of it because even though he has cum all over himself he is still rock hard and leaking precum.


Gorgeous Maxxie Needs To Be Punished – Part 3

It’s been an pleasurable first visit for sexy little Maxxie, and for Master Kane. This boy took some hard spanking in the opening minutes and had to endure some incredible cock sounding pain in the second part, but finally the boy’s cock is about to be drained of hot, young cum! First though an incredible session of compression, breath control and edging! His gorgeous little body is on the plank, tight plastic wrap binds him from his head to his ankles, the hoist lifting him on the swinging platform. A tiny little breathing tube is given to him but it is just big enough to keep him on the edge of pure ecstasy. Eventually his cock is revealed and wanked in his new Master’s experienced hands. The pleasure grows and his master finally gets the hot, creamy reward he wanted. His hard cock begins to throb violently as cum starts leaping from the swollen head of the boys member and squirts all over the plastic. With his balls drained and his dick being toyed with he can finally be released, left naked in the chair with a sack over his head!


Gorgeous Maxxie Needs To Be Punished – Part 2

Maxxie is a ferociously daring boy, no doubt about that. This gorgeous young thing has already had some hard spanking at the hands of Master Kane but things are getting even more intense and kinky for the delicious teen in this session. With him instructed to lay on the wooden plank, his slim and smooth body is soon being restrained with tight ropes. It’s way too early for a final hand job, he hasn’t earned the sweet release of an orgasm yet. Master Kane has plenty to pass the time with this cute young thing first. With that hairy cock excited and like an iron bar his new master eases in the first of several sounding rods, starting out with the rigid cold metal easing down into his throbbing cock, the hot pain and pleasure begins to rush through the boy and seems to be making him harder. The plastic bendy rod with bumps follows after and it goes even deeper, but Maxxie can endure it. It’s amazing to see them sliding out of his cock tip again, dripping. There’s more to come for Maxxie, so stick around!


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