An introduction to Sebastian Kane

by | Dec 12, 2019 | BoyNapped, Introductions

Sebastian made his first appearance on a DVD that was released in early 2007 along with Submissive actors Matthew Archer, Luckas Layton and Bailey Onice. At the time, BoyNapped was no more than a “talked about idea”, and one that he wanted passionately to bring to life but cash was tight he tells me, and he understood that he needed more than passion to bring BoyNapped to life.

By the early Spring of 2008 filming had started and the site signed up its first members in September, many of which have remained as members to this day which he sights as one of the most significant achievements.

Over the years, Sebastian has had the privilege of filming with some incredibly sexy boys, had the advantage of a really talented crew and the support of one of the worlds best affiliate management companies. All of these people have played their part in making BoyNapped the massive success that we see today, one of only a small number of gay multi-award winning websites.

Over the years, BoyNapped has discovered names such as Kenzie Maddison, Luke Desmond, Aaron Aurora and Mylo Jordan, all of them and many others started their impressive careers with BoyNapped. Today, they have the likes of exclusives Alex Faux, Alex Knight, Jacob Daniels and Avery Monroe as well as brilliant and very sexy boys like Johnny Polak, Daniel Hausser, Jesse Evans and Taylor Mason to name only a few. All of these handsome, cute, submissive boys have gone through Sebastian’s hands and never fail to pleasure their BoyNapped Masters and the many members that they serve with endless creativity and enthusiasm.

“This blog is one more step towards opening the doors to our members and fans so they can get closer to the masters, the boys and to what happens behind the scene,” Sebastian says. “It’s a place for the crew, the doms and for some of the boys to offer their insight into their connection they have to BoyNapped so that others can see behind the movies” he continued.

It’s clear from meeting Sebastian that his passion for all things kinky is palpable and inspires those around him to push their own limits and to create the kind of supportive environment that can only be described as one of a close family, “on and off” the film set.