Aiden Jason Abused & Used

by | Sep 3, 2020 | BoyNapped, KinkyThrowback

Poor young twink Aiden Jason though he is able to deal with one Boynapped dom this time he has to deal with two Doms. Ashton Bradley and Adam Watson are two Doms that both like twinks and they like to humiliate them so they waste no time in tying Adien up, putting him into a kid pool and proceeding to cover him in ther piss. Once he is covered in piss and has had some beer in his mouth, both of them are soon used and abused with cocks and toys by these two sexy Doms. The young lad tries to fight back however Ashton and Adam will have none of that and it soon gets him in even more trouble as these two Doms proceed to facefuck his mouth and fuck his hole until they both shoot their cum all over his face and because of him trying to escape from them the two Doms decide to leave him tied up in the kid pool surrounded by piss, beer and their cum. Aiden is one twink that does like to be abused and has been abused by many of our doms but this time it looks like he has not got out of this encounter unscathed. We are sure that ether the two Doms will be back to do more to this young man or one of our other doms will come to help him out of the pool for a price and we can not wait to catch it all for you to watch.