A Painful Introduction For Casper – Part 4

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Behind The Scenes

The boy has endured so much at the hands of Master Kane, from flogging and the pain of a pinwheel, to pegs and the cock-zapping electro punishment, but now it’s finally time for Master to get his first cum load from that hard young cock. He has some special toys to help out with that, but he needs to secure his subject first. With a taste of the young man’s delicious uncut cock he has Casper rigid, but the boy is soon secured with tight black plastic. The constriction seems to help, but the vibrating gadgets Master has for him really make the boy’s cock twitch and ooze when his meat is released for pleasuring. The toys and Master’s skill do the trick, bringing the boy to his final cum-splashing climax, his semen spewing from his helmet in a flood of relief. It’s a good reward for everything the boy has been through.