A Painful Introduction For Casper – Part 3

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Behind The Scenes

Casper has already had a harsh welcome to the kind of fun Master Kane likes, with his sexy body flogged, a pinwheel prickling his flesh, some suspension from above and some very painful pegs and nipple clamps. You could have guessed Master Kane had more to come. Now naked and soon roped up to the punching bag Casper discovers just how devious Master can be, the zapper sparking on his cock making the boy cry out in pain. The punches Master throws against the boy’s abs are tough to take, but it seems Casper prefers that to the shocking jolts of electricity on his uncut dick. He tries to get away, but he knows it’s futile. With his body mottled with red painful blotches he’s finally released from his fresh torment, but the boy still isn’t done yet.