A Good Boy Obeys Master – Part 3

by | May 1, 2020 | Behind The Scenes

We’ve watched gorgeous little twink boy Avery getting his balls stretched in part one, then getting his arse stretched in part two, finally it’s time for the boy to get his uncut cock sucked and stroked by the master of dick-draining. The boy is looking pretty tired as he’s made to stand, slowly wrapped up in tight plastic. The compression is a kinky treat that Master loves, he’s done it to the boy in part one already but clearly he wanted more. Once tightly secured Master adds some ropes to the fun, using his skills to tie the boy in place. He can’t move from the shoulders down once Master is done, and with a gas mask over the boy’s face to limit his breathing it’s time to start work on that juicy uncut cock. After the torment of the previous two videos it’s no wonder Avery’s cock is soon wet and oozing pre, the pleasure of Master’s mouth and hand bringing Avery closer and closer to a cum slinging climax. Master tells him he’s a good boy, but he still feels shame as photographic evidence is gathered for Master to shame the twink even more.