A Good Boy Obeys Master – Part 2

by | Apr 29, 2020 | Featured

It’s amazing what a kinky boy like Avery can handle, given his slight size. The boy has just been hung up and ball-stretched while sucking his Master’s cock, but he’s about to get a whole lot of arse action too. Roused from his weakened state on the dirty old mattress with some hole fingering, the boy is moved to the stack of pallets where his smooth little butt hole will be perfectly positioned for a lot of work. Master ropes up the boy’s legs, tying his hands down to the restraints. He’s almost hog tied, giving Master access to his tight little pucker. It won’t be tight for long, with fingers and soon a hand sliding into the well-lubed hole. Master fucks the boy’s rump with his hand before switching to a vibrator and finally cramming fat anal beads inside, taking the time to feed the boy his raging cock some more as he pulls the round shapes out. The inflatable plug in his arse is the final step before releasing the twink from his ropes, but it’s certainly not over for the boy yet.