A Good Boy Obeys Master – Part 1

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Behind The Scenes

Avery is one of the cutest boys to ever dare to delve into the world of kinky play, but that’s quickly made him one of Master Sebastian’s favourite young arrivals. He’s had a lot of play already, but what Master Kane is about to deliver in this three-part session is going to leave the boy drained but happy, and likely back for more real soon. After stripping the smooth young twink naked apart from his sneakers Master ropes up his feet and attaches him to the winch, lifting the boy off the ground. Hanging upside-down his naked body is soon being wrapped in plastic, his cock and balls painfully slapped while master gets his cock out for Avery to suck. He’s a good boy and does his best, but the head he delivers isn’t going to stop Master from releasing his cock and balls from the plastic and stretching them out! Avery’s nuts are roped up with a heavy bucket attached, it’s so painful but Master still demands the boy suck his cock for him. The water added to the bucket only tugs on the boy’s balls even more, but the Master still demands his dick be slurped. It’s no wonder Avery almost passes out, but don’t worry, he’ll be roused again for part two!